Why we need Training

MDWs are suffering and abused because they didn’t become aware of their right and duties properly. Because of this and similar issues, Mesewat belive MDWs have to get all the updated info and empowering training as much as possible.

So, Mesewat presented the training on how to organize with the collaboration of IDWF. On this training, the attendees got what they had to get as the first stage. Also, Rahel Zegeye and Samuel Tesfaye explain the history of Mesewat creation and how it exists until today, resisting all negative factors.

We thank IDWF and the MENA coordinator, Lara, for the fruitfully training. We hope this collaboration will continue for the future because, as Mesewat, every training is the beginning of everything. And Mesewat also will not stop creating and searching for all the opportunities and changes that can make most of the MDWs, especially women, leaders, and decision-makers.

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