Creating Leaders

Mesewat usually works on empowering women through different training and initiations. we believe all women can do anything that men can do.

We start everything from organizing and making the member’s number high, it will give us power and also teach us through togetherness we will achieve our goals. through numbers, we can create a strong and powerful organization that can stand for the right of MDWs in the middle east.

so, last Sunday we held a meeting at MCC’s space around Achrafiyeh for the Mesewat main group and the “Edir” group for discussion on how to recruit new members and continue being a role model for others to organize and create awareness through the MDWs community in different Nationalities.

we discuss also the “Edir”, about recruiting new members and the approval of the in-law for the Edir.

It was a very good conversation we make at both meetings. we thank MCC for providing the space for our meeting.

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