Migration and Ethiopian mother in Lebanon

Ethiopians started the migration to Lebanon more than 30 years ago. And the number is always rising because they aim to support their parent or family. Sometimes they travel to be independent. But, after they reach the host country, everything gets unexpected. 

So, because of their wrong decisions or bad happening, their life changes to hell or difficult.

By this time, Mesewat is supporting many Ethiopian single mothers or parents with children facing hardship because of Lebanon’s political and economic situations. 

Mesewat now starts a pilot project of daycare for parents that can work. We babysat for three months, 12 children full day and half day. With this project, all the parents start working. Get some free time to do their thing. This daycare project is free of payment because finance was their main problem. So, this daycare was the right decision for Mesewat to minimize their burden.

Now the children get essential lessons over the past three months. They learn letters and communications with other than family and relatives. They also learn manners. The children’s baby sits full-day and is under two years old. 

Parents are also happy because their children learn many things they don’t know before. They are sending some appreciation voice notes about their satisfaction. With their satisfaction, we measure our success from the pilot project. We gave those struggling parents hope that someone is standing up for them. 

But, many others need our project assistance for at least a year until they get permanent or sustainable jobs. We request good-hearted organizations and individual support to continue this project. The beneficiaries will survive the crisis in Lebanon. 

People ask why they can’t travel with their children to their country. It is because they are undocumented, and it is not simple or easy to travel when they want. Because the Lebanon law prevents them from the travel before clearance, and it needs money and time. So, until they get travel permission from GS in Lebanon, they need continuous help from different stakeholders.

Now because of the freedom Fund, we have managed to open the daycare for 3 months. With these 3 months of babysitting, parents and children are the project’s beneficiaries. And we learn of this interest from their testimonies.


  1. My daughter is thrilled, Telling me what she learned there, and now they have started saying it themselves.
  2. I thank you because our children are delighted. Even now, they start teaching us what they learn from there.
  3. First of thank you for what you did to My son. Now he starts telling me about numbers and letters. Even he learns how to respect, and he is changed well. Thank you.
  4. I want to thank all of you who are generating this change. Now my Son started talking that he didn’t before. And even though he was sick, he wanted to go to daycare. He doesn’t want to stay home.

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